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Our True Potential Portfolios offers a suite of fully-diversified, discretionary-managed investment solutions.

With wide exposure to world-class investment managers, as well as diversifying your investment by asset class and geographic region, you’ll benefit from having more potential to grow your money and manage volatility, all in one Portfolio.

And, as we’re committed to helping you reach your financial goals, we continually monitor our True Potential Portfolios to make sure they perform as expected and remain within your chosen risk profile. We also rebalance for the future, rather than the past, taking an active approach to allocating your money where we see the greatest potential for growth.

We offer ten Portfolios, mapped to five Morningstar risk profiles:

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Potential Return

Potential Risk

  • Defensive
  • Cautious
  • Balanced
  • Growth
  • Aggressive


  • Defensive


  • Cautious
  • Cautious +
  • Cautious Income


  • Balanced
  • Balanced +
  • Balanced Income


  • Growth
  • Growth +


  • Aggressive

Why True Potential Portfolios?

Our Portfolios are managed by our investment team and regularly scrutinised by our expert Investment Committee. You can be confident we’re always invested in you.

  • Start with your personal financial goals
  • All-in-one investment solutions
  • Wide exposure to world-class asset managers
  • Multi-layer diversification offers more opportunities to grow your money or generate an income
  • Actively managed and rebalanced
  • Track your investment 24/7
  • Top up your Portfolio on-the-go with impulseSave®


Performance Table

The table below provides 12 month performance figures for the True Potential Portfolios.

Annual Percentage Growth

Portfolio Sep 15 – Sep 16 Sep 16 – Sep 17 Sep 17 – Sep 18 Sep 18 – Sep 19 Factsheet
Defensive 8.3% 3.2% 1.7% 3.2% Download
Cautious 11.6% 4.9% 2.6% 4.1% Download
Cautious + 10.6% 5.8% 3.1% 4.5% Download
Cautious Income 12.7% 6.6% 1.8% 4.4% Download
Balanced 14.2% 8.3% 3.8% 4.3% Download
Balanced + 15.7% 8.2% 4.8% 5.2% Download
Balanced Income 14.4% 7.8% 2.5% 4.6% Download
Growth 17.9% 10.6% 5.8% 4.6% Download
Growth + 15.6% 12.1% 7.0% 4.4% Download
Aggressive 19.9% 12.9% 7.2% 3.0% Download

Source: True Potential Investments

Past performance is not a guide to future performance.

Best of All Worlds

We know that investing can feel complicated, with thousands of options to consider, but we don’t think it should be.

Each of our standalone, fully-diversified True Potential Portfolios bring together funds from True Potential Investments’ Wealth Strategy Fund Ranges. This means we’re using a blend of funds that we believe offer you the best combination of management style, diversification, performance and value in one simple solution.

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